The long new car waits you may have heard of are OVER! Hurrah!

But what caused the problem and what was all the talk of chips?!​

Chances are you’ve probably heard the words ‘new car shortage’ or ‘semi conductor chip’ thrown around during the economy's post COVID recovery over the last year or two.

You may have also heard about Car Dealerships, such as ourselves, having no new cars to sell and customers having to wait many months to take delivery of a new car they had ordered.

Just thinking about it now gives us shudders - it was all true, it was an extremely difficult time for the motor industry and incredibly frustrating for customers.

But what caused it? We were REALLY short on chips! Now we’re not talking the delicious potato kind, we’re also not talking about high specification powerful superchips either. What all car manufacturers were short on was was pretty basic, yet highly important semi conductor chips.

Namely used for the little luxuries in life like controlling the level of warmth for your heated seats, or the touch screen display for your integrated entertainment system. There are usually hundreds of these to be found in any car whether it be luxury or basic. So you can start to build a picture in your head of the huge impact a shortage of these tiny little chips can have on the manufacturing process of new vehicles. Due much longer and more stringent lock downs in China where the chips were made, the shut down of factory's for weeks and months on end took its toll on the production, which then took its toll on vehicle manufacturing, and then supply to us.

Whilst there are still a small few models that will incur a wait time, on the whole our supply has returned to a normal outlook! We have good stock to choose from on site, anything beyond this can be ordered with some vehicles turning up within a week or two! If you are considering a new vehicle purchase, we would recommend getting in touch with Alistair or Andrew who will be able to give you availability guidance.

We want to take this opportunity to thank all customers who were so incredibly patient and understanding as our family business navigated this time.

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