We've ran out of chips!

If you’re in the market for a new car, a friend of our dealership or you are a motor enthusiast… chances are you’ve probably heard the words ‘new car shortage’ or ‘semi conductor chip’ thrown around - are we right?

You may also have noticed at Roadworthy that our forecourt is looking pretty bare and other than our showroom display, we have a distinct lack of shiny new Suzuki cars on site compared to normal!

What on earth is going on in the automotive industry you may wonder!? This new car shortage is not just affecting us here at Roadworthy, but all car dealerships across the country and the simple reason is this… we’re REALLY short on chips! Now we’re not talking the delicious potato kind, we’re also not talking about high specification powerful superchips either. What all car manufacturers are short on right now are pretty basic, yet, highly important semi conductor chips.

Namely used for the little luxuries in life like controlling the level of warmth for your heated seats, or the touch screen display for your integrated entertainment system. There are usually hundreds of these to be found in any car whether it be luxury or basic. So you can start to build a picture in your head of the huge impact a shortage of these tiny little chips can have on the manufacturing process of new vehicles.

Roadworthy Chips

Yes, you will likely have guessed correctly, it is ‘one of those post COVID things’. With various lockdowns, factory closures, consumer confidence making a quick spring back post lockdown - the ‘return to normal’ was a little quicker than expected, and so, the producers of these chips find themselves trying to play catch up with a bigger back log than they anticipated.

This back log means we are in an unprecedented situation where customers looking to purchase a new car are looking at an anticipated delivery time scale of January to March 2022.

We appreciate this is frustrating for our customers who are really looking forward to taking ownership of their new Suzuki and are having to wait. It is also hugely frustrating for our business too. Having spent vast parts of 2020 closed, it was such a joy to re-open fully and greet you all once again, only to now find our selves with no shiny new vehicles to offer you this side of Christmas.

Still, we don’t dwell on the negatives, we do our best to look forward and focus on the future of our business. Ever chasing that ‘return to normal’ that we all long for. It is coming! It’s just taking a little longer than we anticipated, for so many people and industries.

We still have display models in our showroom, we have demonstrators for you to test drive and we are taking your orders for 2022 delivery. Your part exchange valuation will done on current market value, but also re-valued at the point of trade in to ensure you are getting a fair and current price for your vehicle before you part with it.

If your thoughts were heading towards ‘new year - new car’ we can only recommend you pull this decision forwards to avoid disappointment. A supply of new Suzuki's will be sent to us on a first come first serve basis based on pre-orders. So the sooner you can place your car order, the higher on our priority list you can be and the sooner you will receive your new Suzuki!

Contact our sales team today to book your test drive and secure your order for 2022 today.