We shared the below tips on how to drive effectively to conserve fuel during the petrol crisis, however, all these tips are still relevant and we can all do our bit to steady our driving, saving money on fuel and most importantly to reduce our emissions.

To recap on our top driving tips for conserving fuel, read on!

BREAKING: Try to drive as smoothly as possible – avoiding hard breaking or accelerating.

COOL DOWN: Turn off the A/C & put down the window! Speeds of 40mph or below with a window down won’t significantly affect fuel use. On the flip side, neither will using the heater, hot air is recycled from from the engine.

DONT BE A DRAG: Take off your roof rack/boxes when not in use to avoid creating drag on the car.

GEARS: The optimal point to change up a gear is before 2,500 revs in a petrol car, and 2,000 in a diesel car.

DE-CLUTTER: Keep your car as clear & empty as possible, even when it comes to fuel! Consider the volume of petrol you put in, you’d be surprised how much a tank full of fuel adds to your load!

SPEED: The most efficient driving speed for fuel economy is 55-65mph. Any faster & your fuel efficiency drops dramatically.

MYTH BUSTER: Coasting in neutral doesn’t save fuel! You will actually use more sat in neutral than in gear in order to keep it idling!

STOP IDLING: Avoid congestion & rush hour if possible. After more than 10 seconds of idling it's more fuel efficient to switch off the engine, that’s why all our new Suzuki’s come with stop-start technology.

TYRE PRESSURE: Under inflated tyres = over inflated fuel consumption, sometimes by as much as 3%!

Not only will the above help you use less fuel and reduce your fuel costs, you’ll also be reducing your emissions.

You’ll be happy, the planet will be happy & so will your bank balance!