When you need a modern SUV designed to take on all conditions, but you still want to turn heads on the school run...

Vitara combines practicality, style and capability for a smooth ride that feels as good as it looks! Choose from Mild or Full Hybrid engine choices, plus optional Suzuki AllGrip for the ultimate 4WD capability that will see you across all Bristol terrains!

Suzuki Vitara in Bristol

The Suzuki Vitara grabs your attention straight away, with sharp looks and rugged design details. It matches this sporty styling with plenty of substance too, as its ALLGRIP 4WD system can cope with anything from snow-covered roads to muddy country lanes. When the weather is clear, the Suzuki Vitara delivers an effortless experience behind the wheel with various driver assistance systems. Innovative engineering provides plenty of power on straight roads and precise handling in the corners, but also keeps running costs to a minimum. An abundance of safety, comfort, and entertainment kit comes as standard with most models, but additional accessories mean you can customise the Suzuki Vitara to your own personal tastes.