Why buy a used car from Roadworthy?

Here at Roadworthy, we understand that price is pretty key when looking for your next used vehicle. However it is important to remember when buying a used car, cheapest is almost certainly, not best! Quality equals quantity (that quantity being the number of years of happy motoring you get from your purchase!)

Our used car stock on our forecourt and website, consists of high quality and well looked after vehicles that we know, whole heartedly, we can sell with confidence. As a family run business, we view our customers as an extension of that family unit! So we would only ever care to put you into a vehicle that we know is high quality, good value and will make you so happy, you tell all your family and friends!

So what are the benefits of buying an 'Approved Used' vehicle from a franchised dealership like Roadworthy?

1) All our used Cars are prepared to the highest possible standard. We're talking prepped and polished by our professional Valeting team and as close to ‘as good as new’ as we can possibly manage.

2) We only sell cars that come with a full service history and new MOT. That way, the big costs are initially taken care of and you know the vehicle you are buying is safe, trustworthy and Roadworthy!

3) Our approved used Suzuki cars come with a full Suzuki 12 month warranty. Most other used car dealers only offer 3 months warranty, meaning after a few months, should a fault arise, you will be required to foot the bill.

4) All our vehicles are HPI checked. A HPI check alerts you you to any worrying information held against the vehicle by finance and insurance companies, the DVLA, the Police and other industry bodies.

5) The vast percentage of our used Suzuki’s that we sell on our forecourt are those of our own! They were bought brand new from our dealership, maintained by us and are therefore, so well maintained, we are happy to have them back in the quest to find them a new home!