Nil Advance payment on all new Ignis models!

Our accessible showroom is a light and spacious place where you will be greeted with the warmest welcome. We invite you to sit inside the vehicles in the showroom and take a test drive (test drives can be solo or with a member of staff, whichever is the most comfortable choice for you.)

We appreciate that walking into a car showroom can be a daunting experience for some, so if you have any special requirements for your visit, such as a quiet environment for example, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Full Details

Motability - Representative Example

Full descriptionCiv APCiv AllowanceWar Pensioner APWar Pensioner AllowanceCO2
Ignis 1.2 Hybrid SZ-T 5dr MT £0 68.00 £0
68.00 112
Ignis 1.2 Hybrid SZ-T 5dr CVT £0 69.00 £0
69.00 122
Ignis 1.2 Hybrid SZ5 5dr MT £0 69.00 £0
69.00 112
Ignis 1.2 Hybrid SZ5 5dr CVT £0 71.00 £0
71.00 122
Ignis 1.2 Hybrid SZ5 ALLGRIP 5dr£0 £0 71.00 £0
71.00 121

Last updated on: 29/04/2024