In order for your Suzuki Air Conditioning unit to work to its full potential, your filter should be replaced regularly.

Your air-conditioning filter blocks dust, pollen, sand and mites to ensure a constant supply of fresh clean air is supplied to your car interior. During those inactive (and long!) winter months it is possible for bacteria and mould to develop from a combination of condensation and engine heat.

Think of a Summer Air Conditioning check much like that first sunny day of the year where you get all the windows open to air the house out and pop that duvet out on the line for a good refresh! Why not do the same for your Suzuki (after all, you probably spend a lot of time in it!)

Whether you’re off on holiday or popping into town, comfort and control are essential and in your car during the summer, the best comfort comes from your air-conditioning! So when it’s performing at 100% efficiency, you can be sure to have have the most optimal air conditioning and performance from your Suzuki

You Summer Air-Conditioning service will include;

  • A thorough check of your air-conditioning system by a Suzuki trained Technician who knows your car inside and out.
  • Checks for leaks and damages to pipework.
  • Re-gassing the air-conditioning system.
  • Checking air circulation.
  • Changing the air-conditioning filter and checking all controls.

Then you will drive away cool, comfortable and ready to get on with making the most out of your summer.!

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