Available at Roadworthy for just £299

Give your new Suzuki the best possible start in life with Gen3 paint protection.

You can protect your Suzuki from whatever life throws at it with GEN-3 Glasscoat protection, with a formulation developed by NASA and used by Boeing, Gen3 forms a protective barrier over your paintwork and interior keeping it looking new for longer.

Everyday we put our cars through the mill on our busy Bristol roads with exposure to dirt, road salt, animal matter, acid rain and road grime.

If Gen3 is good enough for NASA's rockets - it's perfect to protect your Suzuki from bustling Bristol life!

Gen3 Paint Protection requires just one application and is the only paint protection product to be backed by a Suzuki 5 year transferable warranty.

The protection can be applied to alloy wheels, glass, paint plus your interior plastic and metal surfaces.

You can sit back and relax whilst we do all the hard work and apply the protection here on site at our Fishponds dealership.

Ask any member of our team about Gen3 Glasscoat Protection for your new Suzuki.